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Bonza Spins Casino For Aussies

Ah, the land Down Under, where the skies are blue, and the slots spin true - welcome to Bonza Spins Casino! This beacon of Aussie gaming, established in 2018, is where the thrill of the win meets the spirit of adventure. Owned by Speqta Media N.V. and adorned with a Curacao license, it's a realm of fair play under the Southern Cross. Imagine a place where each spin is a story, each game a journey – that's Bonza Spins for you. With a welcome embrace of 150 free spins and up to AUD 800, it's like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. So, don't dilly-dally, mate! Register and embark on a gaming odyssey like no other!

Bonza Spins Australia Review

Dive into the heart of Bonza Spins Casino, a treasure trove of over 1000 enthralling games, from Slots to Live Dealers, each a masterpiece from renowned creators like Microgaming and Betsoft. Envision yourself amidst the glitz of Macau-themed games, or spinning the Wheel of Fortune, buoyed by a myriad of payment options including Visa, MasterCard, and even cryptocurrencies.



Year of Establishment



Speqta Media N.V.


8048/JAZ2019-046, Curacao

Sign-up Bonus

150 free spins + up to AUD 800

Payment Options

Visa, MasterCard, Revolut, Neosurf, cryptocurrencies

Supported Currencies

AUD, NZD, EUR, USD, Bitcoin, and more

Minimum Deposit

AUD 200

Maximum Withdrawal

AUD 5,000

Mobile App

iOS, Android

Number of Games

Over 1000

Sign-Up And Log-in Processes

Embark on a journey to the heart of Aussie gaming with Bonza Spins Casino, where the thrill of the game and the ease of access blend seamlessly. Whether you're lounging on Bondi Beach or nestled in the bustling streets of Sydney, signing up and logging in is a breeze, as smooth as a ride on the Great Ocean Road.

Bonza Spins SignUp

  1. Hit the 'Join' Button: It's like knocking on the door to an exciting new world. On your computer or mobile, the 'Join' button is your first step into the Bonza Spins universe.
  2. Fill in the Registration Form: Like jotting down your details on a postcard, fill in your info to let the casino know who's about to take the gaming world by storm.
  3. SMS Confirmation: Keep an eye on your phone! You'll receive an SMS with a code - it's like getting the secret key to a hidden treasure.
  4. Tick the Age Box: Confirming you're of legal age is as important as having a valid boarding pass before a flight.
  5. Account Creation Confirmation: Click to confirm, and voila, you're part of the Bonza Spins family!

Bonza Spins Login

  1. Press 'Login': Like turning the key in an ignition, press 'Login' to start your gaming engine.
  2. Enter Your Details: Just as you'd whisper a password to enter a secret Aussie barbie, enter your email and password here.
  3. Dive into the Casino Universe: Once logged in, the world of Bonza Spins is your oyster. Explore, play, and maybe even win - the casino world is your playground!

Bonza Spins Software Technologies

Bonza Spins Casino is like a master chef, blending the finest ingredients from 17 software vendors to create a menu of gaming delights. Thunderkick, Playtech, NetEnt, and many more contribute to this exquisite blend, ensuring that your gaming experience is as thrilling as a night in Melbourne's liveliest clubs.

Software Providers

Imagine a gallery of the finest game creators, from Atmosfera to Quickspin, each adding their unique brushstrokes to the Bonza Spins canvas. Betsoft Gaming, Booming Games, and others craft games that are not just fun but masterpieces of the casino world.

Bonza Spins Innovative Games

Welcome to the dazzling world of Bonza Spins Casino, where each game is a masterpiece painted with the brush of innovation and excitement. With over 1,000 games twinkling like stars in the gaming galaxy, this is where the magic happens, where every click leads you down a rabbit hole of thrilling escapades.

Top Games

Dive into the cream of the crop at Bonza Spins, where top games like 'Mighty Gorilla', 'Gold Express', and 'Buffalo Power' await. These aren't just games; they're epic tales waiting to be unraveled. Imagine the roar of 'Wolf Treasure', the mystique of 'Tiger Jungle', and the grandeur of 'Lord Fortune'. Each game is an adventure, a chance to tread unexplored trails and uncover hidden treasures.


In the world of Bonza Spins, slots are a symphony where each spin is a note in a melody of chance. From the fiery 'Red Hot Volcano' to the towering 'Tower of Fortuna', these slots are more than games - they're a carnival of lights and sounds. Feel the thrill of 'Outback Gold', where each spin is a journey through the wild Australian outback, or lose yourself in the enchantment of 'Eternal Kingdom 2'.

Edition – Online Macau Slots

Step into the opulence of the Orient with the Macau Slots. Games like 'Dragon Match Megaways' transport you to a world where dragons rule the skies, and every spin is steeped in legend and lore. In 'Eternal Kingdom 2', embark on a saga that weaves through ancient kingdoms and timeless tales, where fortune favors the brave.

Table Games

The table games at Bonza Spins are where strategy dances with luck. Picture yourself pondering over a hand in 'Casino Solitaire', or feeling the adrenaline rush in 'Turbo Roulette'. These games are not just about cards and wheels; they're about wit, strategy, and sometimes, the luck of the draw.

Live Dealers

Imagine walking into a virtual room where the tables are alive, and the dealers are real. In the live dealer lobbies of Bonza Spins, games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette come alive. It's not just gaming; it's an immersive experience where every deal and spin is a heartbeat, every win a cause for celebration.

Australian Real Money Jackpot Games

In the Jackpot Games, dreams are made. Here, titles like 'Mustang Gold' and 'Chilli Heat' are more than mere games; they're gateways to fortunes untold. Each spin could be the key to a jackpot, a chance to write your name in the stars of Bonza Spins lore.

Bonza Spins Casino is not just a gaming platform; it's a world where every game is a story, every win a tale of triumph. So, step right in, take a spin, and let the stories unfold. Whether you're a fan of slots, table games, or live dealers, Bonza Spins has a chapter waiting just for you. Welcome to the carnival of gaming, where every moment is a celebration, every spin a chance at glory.

Bonza Spins Bonuses and Promotions



Min. Deposit


Max Limit

Welcome Offer

1st Deposit

AUD 20

150 Free Spins


Sign Up Bonus

2nd-5th Deposit

AUD 30

50% Deposit Increase

AUD 800 Total

Big Bickies Week


AUD 30

30 Free Spins per AUD 30 Deposit

2,100 Free Spins

Terrific Weekend


AUD 30

30% Deposit Increase

AUD 300

Weekly Reward Bonus


AUD 30

25% Deposit + 25 Free Spins

AUD 100

VIP Boosts Galore


AUD 200-800

Up to 80% Deposit Increase

AUD 2,000

Crypto Welcome Offer


AUD 20

300% Match + 50 Free Spins

AUD 5,000

Fiat Exclusive


AUD 20

200% Match + 4 Free Spins

AUD 5,000

Bonza Spins Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Offer at Bonza Spins is like a golden handshake – a grand welcome into a world of endless possibilities. Upon your first deposit of AUD 20, a shower of 150 free spins rains down on you, setting the stage for an exhilarating gaming journey.

150 FREE SPINS / $20

Unlock the door to a world of excitement with 150 free spins for just AUD 20. Imagine each spin as a chance to dance with destiny, a step towards possible riches.

Real Money Up to $800

As you journey deeper into Bonza Spins, your 2nd to 5th deposits bring a cascade of rewards. With each AUD 30 deposit, get a 50% increase, cumulating up to a whopping AUD 800. It's like finding hidden treasures in the Outback.

Free Spins

Free spins at Bonza Spins are like the Southern Cross in the gaming sky, guiding you towards potential wins. From the Big Bickies Week to the Terrific Weekend, each spin is a chance to strike gold.

2000 FS / Week Just For Bonza Spins

Dive into a sea of spins with up to 2,000 free spins each week. Every day brings a new opportunity, like the waves on an Aussie beach, each promising the thrill of discovery.

30% UP to Daily Cap $300 On Weekend

The weekend at Bonza Spins is a time for relaxation and rewards. Enjoy a 30% increase on your deposits up to AUD 300, turning each weekend into a celebration.

100$ at a 25% Ratio And 25 Free Spins

Every weekday, enrich your gaming with a 25% increase on deposits up to AUD 100 and 25 free spins. It's like the daily sunshine, brightening your gaming landscape.


Chips at Bonza Spins are like nuggets of opportunity, adding value to your gameplay. Sign up, and embark on a journey with AUD 800 worth of chips, opening doors to myriad gaming adventures.

Bonus Codes

At Bonza Spins, the bonus codes are like secret codes to hidden treasures. Each code unlocks a world of bonuses, from match bonuses to free spins, each a step towards potential wins.

Australian Bonza Spins VIP Club — 80% to $2000

Enter the VIP Club, and elevate your gaming to royal status. Enjoy up to an 80% match on deposits, soaring up to AUD 2,000, turning every deposit into a regal affair.

Loyalty Rewards for Everyone

At Bonza Spins, the loyalty rewards shine bright for every player. From Bronze to Platinum, each level unlocks new horizons of bonuses, making every game a journey of discovery and delight.

Bonza Spins Mobile

In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience is king, Bonza Spins Casino brilliantly bridges the gap between stationary play and mobile gaming. Imagine having a mini-casino right in your pocket, ready to jump into action whenever the mood strikes. That's exactly what Bonza Spins Mobile offers – a world of gaming that moves with you.


When it comes to safety, Bonza Spins is tighter than a croc's jaw. With 256-bit SSL encryption technology, it’s like having a digital Fort Knox protecting your info. This means your banking details are as secure as a kangaroo in its mum's pouch. And just like you wouldn't find a koala sharing its tree, your data is never stored on any system, keeping it away from prying eyes.

Is Bonza Spins Safe for Gambling?

As safe as houses, that's what Bonza Spins is when it comes to gambling. Licensed in the UK, it's as legit as a Vegemite sandwich in an Aussie lunchbox. With a random number generator (RNG) in play, each game result is as fair dinkum as they come – no shonky business here. You can bet your bottom dollar that Bonza Spins is a safe harbour in the online gambling ocean.

Bonza Spins Casino Customer Support

Need a hand? Bonza Spins Casino’s customer support is like your mate who's always there when you need them. Whether you’re up the creek without a paddle or just need a bit of a chinwag about the games, they've got your back. Ring them on the blower at +442037693923, shoot an email, or have a yarn via live chat. Just remember, the chat's a privilege for those who've hopped into their accounts.

Policies and Responsibilities

Bonza Spins isn't just about having a ripper time; they take responsible gaming as seriously as an AFL final. With options to put the brakes on your account or set limits, they're all about keeping it fun without going overboard. They're like the lifeguard at Bondi, keeping an eye out for you. And if you ever feel like you’re going down the gurgler with your gaming, their customer service team is just a shout away to lend a helping hand.

At Bonza Spins, it’s not just about the thrill of the win; it’s about playing it smart, safe, and with a fair go for everyone. So, chuck on your virtual sports cap, secure your digital wallet with their top-notch safety, and remember, in the world of online gaming, Bonza Spins is as safe and supportive as they come!

Payment Options

Stepping into Bonza Spins Casino, you're not just entering a gaming paradise but a realm where payment options are as diverse as the Australian landscape. Here, managing your funds is smoother than a ride on the Great Ocean Road. Whether you're a fan of the good old plastic (cards, that is!) or surfing the wave of digital currency, Bonza Spins has got your back.

Deposit Methods

Pouring funds into your Bonza Spins account is like filling your esky for a big day out. Options galore! From the trusty Visa and MasterCard to the slickness of Revolut and Neosurf, topping up is as easy as pie. And for those riding the crypto wave, a bouquet of 15 cryptocurrencies awaits to jazz up your gaming wallet. With instant deposit times, it’s like hitting the fast forward button straight to fun!

Withdrawal Methods

Cashing out at Bonza Spins? It’s as satisfying as snagging a big one on a fishing trip! Whether you're banking your bucks back to your card or pulling them into your e-wallet, the process is as clear as a sunny Aussie day. With a bit of patience (up to 48 hours, mate), your winnings will be ready to roll into your pocket.

Final Thoughts: Bonza Spins Wheel of Luck

Wrapping it up, Bonza Spins Casino is like a lucky charm in the world of online gaming. With user-friendly payment options, smooth withdrawals, and a thumbs-up from the gaming community, it's a no-brainer for Aussies looking for a fair dinkum good time. And let’s not forget the Wheel of Luck – every spin’s a chance at fortune, making every visit a potentially rewarding adventure. In summary, Bonza Spins Casino is the bees knees of online gaming in Australia. With a kaleidoscope of games, solid safety measures, and a friendly community vibe, it's the ultimate destination for a fair dinkum gaming experience. So, grab your gear and get ready for an exhilarating ride at Bonza Spins, where every spin could lead to your next big adventure!


What payment options does Bonza Spins offer?

Dive into a sea of options! Whether you're a traditionalist with a love for Visa and MasterCard or a digital nomad favoring cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bonza Spins caters to all. Choose your chariot for your gaming journey!

Is depositing at Bonza Spins quick?

Quicker than a jackaroo on a jet ski! For most methods, your funds will hit your account almost instantly, keeping the gaming momentum going strong.

What’s the minimum deposit at Bonza Spins?

Just a cool AUD 20 gets you in the game. It's like buying a ticket to an endless adventure in the world of online gaming!

How long do withdrawals take?

A bit of a wait, up to 48 hours for confirmation, but remember, good things come to those who wait. Patience, mate, your bounty is on its way!

What’s the maximum I can withdraw?

Fancy cashing out big? You can withdraw up to a whopping AUD 5,000, giving you plenty of reasons to do a happy dance!

Are there fees for withdrawing?

Just a tiny fee of AUD 3, small fry compared to the big catch you could be withdrawing!

Can I play on my mobile?

Absolutely, cobber! Bonza Spins fits right in your pocket, ready for on-the-go fun, anytime, anywhere.

Is Bonza Spins safe for gambling?

Safe as a bank vault! With sterling encryption and a solid UK license, your gaming safety is locked in.

What games can I play at Bonza Spins?

A smorgasbord of choices awaits! From the thrill of pokies to the strategy of table games, it's a never-ending carnival of fun.

Are there any bonuses at Bonza Spins?

Bonuses as abundant as stars in the Outback sky! From dazzling welcome offers to the thrilling Wheel of Luck, every play could be your lucky break.

How’s the customer support at Bonza Spins?

Mate, it's like having a good friend on call. The team's as friendly and helpful as they come, ready to assist round the clock.

Can I play with cryptocurrencies?

You bet! Bonza Spins is riding high on the crypto wave, offering an exciting way to play.

Is there a VIP program?

For sure! Climb the ranks and enjoy the spoils of the VIP life, with exclusive rewards that make you feel like Aussie royalty.

Can I set deposit limits?

You sure can! Bonza Spins is all about responsible gaming, offering you tools to manage your play effectively.

Bonza Spins Casino brand is no longer operating. Try another similar Lucky Green Casino